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Thanks to all who participated in the Fugetaboutit! 2023.

There were 255 entries judged and 95 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stDynamic AlesExaltation I (2015 Barrel Aged Sour Trappist Single)28C: Wild Specialty BeerBarley Mob Brewers
2ndDynamic Ales2016 English Barleywine17D: English BarleywineBarley Mob Brewers
3rdJoseph NanceDouble Take Gose27A1: Gose
HMDynamic AlesBourbon Barrel Aged 2015 English Barleywine33B: Specialty Wood-Aged BeerBarley Mob Brewers

Winning Entries

Table 1: Table 1- American, International and Czech lagers (7 entries)

1stNik VolkertWye Not?1A: American Light LagerWoodstock Malt Monkeys
2ndNik VolkertJapanese Lager #12A: International Pale LagerWoodstock Malt Monkeys
3rdMark GregoryCloverdale Cream Ale1C: Cream AleBarley Mob Brewers

Table 2: Table 2- Pale Malty Euros (7 entries)

1stJoseph NanceHelle's Not An Option4A: Munich Helles
2ndJohn O'BrienSprudelnd Gold4A: Munich HellesFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
3rdMichael Syrop
Co-Brewer: Ron Mitchell, Greg Eslinger
Julyberfest4B: FestbierCovert Hops Society

Table 3: Table 3- Pale Bitter Euros (7 entries)

1stVinayak KrishanSummersipper5B: KolschBrewmasters of Alpharetta
2ndDavid MyersKolsch5B: KolschBarley Mob Brewers
3rdJoseph NanceGarden of Eden5B: Kolsch

Table 4: Table 4- Amber Malty Euros (6 entries)

1stJohn O'BrienBaby Bock6C: Dunkels BockFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
2ndTrevor HawnMarzen6A: MarzenMusic City Brewers
3rdAndrew PerkinsSeptember Oktoberfest6A: MarzenBarley Mob Brewers
HMVinayak KrishanAlliedinvasion6A: MarzenBrewmasters of Alpharetta

Table 5: Table 5- Amber bitter Euros (4 entries)

1stJoseph NanceThe Alt Stops Here7B: Altbier
2ndEvan ComeauxGb&d7A: Vienna LagerBluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
3rdJay BrantleyEsoteric7B: Altbier

Table 6: Table 6- Dark Euros (7 entries)

1stJonathan LizenbySchwarzbier8B: Schwarzbier256 Brewers
2ndJoseph NanceRemember the Days of Darkness8A: Munich Dunkel
3rdMark ForresterMunich Dunkel8A: Munich DunkelMusic City Brewers

Table 7: Table 7-Strong Euros (5 entries)

1stCraig HendryEisbock9B: EisbockBack Yard Outlaw Brewers [MS]
2ndJohn BoltYoung Baltic Porter9C: Baltic PorterTennessee Valley Homebrewers
3rdPaul CahillBaltic Porter9C: Baltic PorterBarley Mob Brewers
HMJohn O'BrienAlligator9A: Doppelbock Final Gravity Craft Brewers

Table 8: Table 8- German Wheats (6 entries)

1stChris ArntRough Legged Buzzard10C: Weizenbock Barley Mob Brewers
2ndEric BinderHefeweizen10A: Weissbier
3rdShelby BrazierHefe10A: WeissbierWolf Creek Alchemy

Table 9: Table9- British Bitters and Pale Commenwealth beers (10 entries)

1stJohn Bolt
Co-Brewer: Scott Boyd, Wayne Colbenson
Aussie Ale12B: Australian Sparkling AleTennessee Valley Homebrewers
2ndWade PhillipsBritish Golden Ale12A: British Golden AleBarley Mob Brewers
3rdNik VolkertWhite Horse Ale12B: Australian Sparkling AleWoodstock Malt Monkeys

Table 10: Table 10- Brown Brits and Dark Brits (6 entries)

1stJohn O'BrienMildly Complicated13A: Dark MildFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
2ndMark GregoryRoyal's Milk Stout16A: Sweet StoutBarley Mob Brewers
3rdJohn O'BrienFade To Black13C: English PorterFinal Gravity Craft Brewers

Table 11: Table 11- Scots and Irish (8 entries)

1stJohn O'BrienSlippery Pete15C: Irish Extra StoutFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
2ndJohn O'BrienIrish Breakfast15B: Irish StoutFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
3rdJay BrantleyDixie15A: Irish Red Ale
HMBrian SwainNot Quite Red Irish Red15A: Irish Red AleMusic City Brewers

Table 12: Table 12- Strong Brits (13 entries)

1stDynamic Ales2016 English Barleywine17D: English BarleywineBarley Mob Brewers
2ndAndy HardisonAndy's English Strong Ale17A: English Strong AleBluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
3rdAndy HardisonAndy's English Barleywine17D: English BarleywineBluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs

Table 13: Table 13- American Blondes (6 entries)

1stJohn O'BrienBlondie18A: Blonde AleFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
2ndDavid MitchellHoppy Blonde18A: Blonde AleWolf Creek Alchemy
3rdNik VolkertSometimes Science Is More Art Than Science Morty, A Lot of People Don’t Get That.18A: Blonde AleWoodstock Malt Monkeys

Table 14: Table 14- American Pale (9 entries)

1stNik VolkertUss Tucson Reunion Ale18B: American Pale AleWoodstock Malt Monkeys
2ndBrian SwainHoppy Little Accident18B: American Pale AleMusic City Brewers
3rdPaul CahillEric's Pale Ale18B: American Pale AleBarley Mob Brewers

Table 15: Table 15- American Amber and Brown (9 entries)

1stEvan ComeauxDeli Common19C: American Brown AleBluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
2ndAllen Duvall Chinook Brown19C: American Brown AleClarksville Carboys
3rdMark ForresterCalifornia Dreamin'19B: California CommonMusic City Brewers

Table 16: Table 16- American Porter and Stout (4 entries)

1stJoseph NanceBootlegged Porter20A: American Porter
2ndJohn O'BrienWinston Wolf20B: American StoutFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
3rdChris BrownChocolate Porter20A: American PorterMusic City Brewers

Table 17: Table 17- Imperial Stout (7 entries)

1stDynamic Ales2017 Full Eclipse20C: Imperial StoutBarley Mob Brewers
2ndJosh PettyRussian Imperial Stout20C: Imperial StoutAtlanta Brewers Club
3rdKevin OlsonCast Or Oil20C: Imperial StoutZZHops Homebrewing Club

Table 18: Table 18- American IPA (10 entries)

1stDavid MitchellMouth Full21A: American IPAWolf Creek Alchemy
2ndJonathan LizenbyIPA21A: American IPA256 Brewers
3rdLebron HaggardMosaic American IPA21A: American IPAWolf Creek Alchemy

Table 19: Table 19- Specialty IPA (12 entries)

1stJeremiah BaerNeipa!21B: Specialty IPA
2ndShelby BrazierNeipa21B: Specialty IPA Wolf Creek Alchemy
3rdTom BeachSummer Cloud IPA21B1: Belgian IPA Society of Northeast Ohio Brewers

Table 20: Table 20- Strong Americans (8 entries)

1stScott Phillips
Co-Brewer: Rudy Hausler
Rudy's Barleywine22C: American BarleywineBarley Mob Brewers
2ndAndy HardisonAndy's American Barleywine22C: American BarleywineBluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
3rdCraig HendryKitchen Sink22B: American Strong AleBack Yard Outlaw Brewers [MS]

Table 21: Table 21- Sour Euros (9 entries)

1stJoseph NanceDouble Take Gose27A1: Gose
2ndDynamic AlesSour Red Solera II (2017)23B: Flanders Red AleBarley Mob Brewers
3rdDynamic AlesDanielle's "Finally, A Beer That's Sour Enough!" (100% Dreg-Fermented Birthday Beer)23E: GueuzeBarley Mob Brewers

Table 22: Table 22-Belgian but not Saisons (4 entries)

1stMark ForresterGuarded and Almost Forgoten Amber 24C: Biere de Garde Music City Brewers
2ndMark Forrester
Co-Brewer: Mark Forrester
Two Half Wits Wit Bier24A: WitbierMusic City Brewers
3rdPaul CahillNon Blonde25A: Belgian Blond AleBarley Mob Brewers

Table 23: Table 23- Trappist Ales (12 entries)

1stJonathan OwnbyTetramagic26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleM.A.S.H. Marietta Association of Schoolhouse Homebrewers [GA]
2ndAllen Duvall Trappist Single26A: Trappist SingleClarksville Carboys
3rdCraig HendryEasty 1326D: Belgian Dark Strong AleBack Yard Outlaw Brewers [MS]

Table 24: Table 24- cider (10 entries)

1stWade Phillips
Co-Brewer: David Wanamaker
Bourbon Barrel CiderC2F: Specialty Cider/Perry Barley Mob Brewers
2ndAndy HardisonAndy's ApplewineC2C: ApplewineBluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
3rdErik Weber
Co-Brewer: Nik Volkert
Cider IC1A: New World CiderWoodstock Malt Monkeys
HMRobert HamiltonApple 2C1A: New World Cider

Table 25: Table 25- Specialty and friends (7 entries)

1stAlan Pugh
Co-Brewer: Thomas Monti
Pb Jammin34C: Experimental Beer M.A.S.H. Marietta Association of Schoolhouse Homebrewers [GA]
2ndMichael Syrop
Co-Brewer: Ron Mitchell
Rye Can't We Be Friends31A: Alternative Grain Beer Covert Hops Society
3rdJoseph NanceZombie Dust34A: Clone Beer

Table 26: Table 26- Fruit Beer (11 entries)

1stGlenn Cole
Co-Brewer: Mike Boyer
Raspberry Gose29A: Fruit Beer Ferm [IL]
2ndCharles AndersonElvis Impersonator29A: Fruit Beer
3rdMark GregoryPineapple Express29B: Fruit and Spice Beer Barley Mob Brewers

Table 27: Table 27- Spice, Herb, Veg. (13 entries)

1stConnor Choate
Co-Brewer: Grace Choate
Pepper30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Barley Mob Brewers
2ndJoseph NanceSaison Du Buff30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdDynamic Ales2015 Full Eclipse30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Barley Mob Brewers
HMDynamic AlesCoffee Vanilla Full Eclipse (corsair Oatrage Barrel Aged)30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Barley Mob Brewers

Table 28: Table 28- Wild Americans (6 entries)

1stDynamic AlesExaltation II (2016 Barrel Aged Golden Sour)28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Barley Mob Brewers
2ndDynamic AlesSour Red Solera II (2017)28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Barley Mob Brewers
3rdAndy HardisonAndy's Brown Sour28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Bluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs

Table 29: Table 29- Wild Specialty (9 entries)

1stDynamic AlesExaltation I (2015 Barrel Aged Sour Trappist Single)28C: Wild Specialty Beer Barley Mob Brewers
2ndDynamic AlesGrand Noir (rémy Martin Cognac Barrel Aged Sour Barleywine)28C: Wild Specialty Beer Barley Mob Brewers
3rdMichael Syrop
Co-Brewer: Ron Mitchell
Three Weiss Men28C: Wild Specialty Beer Covert Hops Society

Table 30: Table 30- wood (15 entries)

1stDynamic AlesBourbon Barrel Aged 2015 English Barleywine33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Barley Mob Brewers
2ndAndy HardisonAndy's Imperial Brown Ale33A: Wood-Aged Beer Bluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
3rdVinayak KrishanToffeebourbonale33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Brewmasters of Alpharetta

Table 31: Table 31- Saison (8 entries)

1stConnor Choate
Co-Brewer: Grace Choate
Table W/ Brett25B: Saison Barley Mob Brewers
2ndJoseph NanceBelgian Zombie25B: Saison
3rdScott PhillipsLike They do Down In Tourpes25B: Saison Barley Mob Brewers
HMJohn HenagerAngler Saison25B: Saison Woodstock Malt Monkeys