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Thanks to all who participated in the Fugetaboutit! 2022.

There were 189 entries judged and 73 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stKevin FosterCuvée 83623E: GueuzeCane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndJonathan LizenbyMild13A: Dark Mild256 Brewers
3rdJohn O'BrienOlde Forge Hammer17D: English BarleywineFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
HMZane OliverLaxmi30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Winning Entries

Table 1: Cider (8 entries)

1stJonathan LizenbyCranberry CiderC2B: Cider with Other Fruit 256 Brewers
2ndAndy HardisonAndy Belgian Dark Strong CiderC2F: Specialty Cider/Perry Bluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
3rdNik VolkertScottish CiderC1A: New World CiderWoodstock Malt Monkeys

Table 2: Czech Lagers (5 entries)

1stJeremy ThompsonPatton Pils3B: Czech Premium Pale LagerBarley Mob Brewers
2ndJoshua JacksonCzech Dark Lager3D: Czech Dark LagerMid-State Brew Crew [Murfreesboro, TN]
3rdAndrew PerkinsPilsme Please3A: Czech Pale LagerBarley Mob Brewers

Table 3: Standard American Beers (7 entries)

1stNik VolkertYardwork1B: American LagerWoodstock Malt Monkeys
2ndNik VolkertNik's 2019 Wheat Beer1D: American Wheat BeerWoodstock Malt Monkeys
3rdJohn O'BrienVanilla1C: Cream AleFinal Gravity Craft Brewers

Table 4: Strong Euros (8 entries)

1stChris ArntBaltic Buzzard9C: Baltic PorterBarley Mob Brewers
2ndEvan ComeauxQueen Dopplepopolis9A: Doppelbock Bluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
3rdPaul CahillHere Come More Vikings9C: Baltic PorterBarley Mob Brewers

Table 5: German Wheats (7 entries)

1stChris ArntRough Legged Buzzard10C: Weizenbock Barley Mob Brewers
2ndJohn ColemanWeissenhymer10A: Weissbier
3rdEvan ComeauxJust A Hefe10A: WeissbierBluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs

Table 6: British & Commonwealth Beers (8 entries)

1stBradford ShoemakerDiaper Money12A: English Golden AleCovert Hops Society
2ndNik VolkertBasic Bitch Bitters11C: Strong BitterWoodstock Malt Monkeys
3rdMark HensonOrdinary Bitter 11A: Ordinary Bitter

Table 7: British Browns, Scots, And Irish Beers (5 entries)

1stJonathan LizenbyMild13A: Dark Mild256 Brewers
2ndJoshua BoldtJack of All Trades15A: Irish Red AleJefferson County Home Brewers (JCHB)
3rdNik VolkertClipped Nut Brown Ale13B: English Brown AleWoodstock Malt Monkeys

Table 8: Dark British Beers (7 entries)

1stJohn O'BrienSlippery Pete16C: Tropical StoutFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
2ndJacob MarcekKarelian Black13C: English PorterClarksville Carboys
3rdMark GregoryRoyal's Milk Stout16A: Sweet StoutBarley Mob Brewers

Table 9: Strong Ales (8 entries)

1stJohn O'BrienOlde Forge Hammer17D: English BarleywineFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
2ndScott PhillipsTwenty Penny Nail17D: English BarleywineBarley Mob Brewers
3rdNik VolkertHeavy Wee & the Boyz17C: Wee HeavyWoodstock Malt Monkeys

Table 10: Sour Euros (8 entries)

1stKevin FosterCuvée 83623E: GueuzeCane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndAllen DuvallFlanders Blend23B: Flanders Red AleClarksville Carboys
3rdJonathan OwnbyBabylon Berlin 23A: Berliner WeisseM.A.S.H. Marietta Association of Schoolhouse Homebrewers [GA]

Table 11: Fruit Beers (12 entries)

1stJoshua JacksonCranberry Raspberry Berliner Weisse29A: Fruit Beer Mid-State Brew Crew [Murfreesboro, TN]
2ndAndrew WeaverSalty Guava Ass Juice29A: Fruit Beer Lift A Leg Homemade Beer
3rdMark GregoryAlmond Joys Got Nuts, Mounds Don't29A: Fruit Beer Barley Mob Brewers
HMNik VolkertNik's Daily Ration - Grape Ale VariantPRX3: Italian Grape AleWoodstock Malt Monkeys

Table 12: Spice, Herb, Veg (9 entries)

1stZane OliverLaxmi30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndMichael Syrop
Co-Brewer: Ron Mitchell
First Saturday In May30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Covert Hops Society
3rdMark Pennick
Co-Brewer: Our Hard-Working Neighbors To The South.
Shape of Beer30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Brew Crew [CO]

Table 13: Misfit Beers- Wood, experimental, clone, alt. sugar (7 entries)

1stZane OliverOlde Winchester33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
2ndKevin FosterBourbon Vanilla Porter33A: Wood-Aged Beer Cane Island Alers (CIA)
3rdClint Doriot
Co-Brewer: Byron Cloy
Whistle Stop Honey Wheat31B: Alternative Sugar Beer Midnight Train Brewing

Table 14: American Amber and Browns (6 entries)

1stKevin OlsonCommon Cents27A6: Kentucky CommonZZHops Homebrewing Club
2ndEvan ComeauxDeli Common19A: American Amber AleBluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
3rdNik VolkertCali Confusion19B: California CommonWoodstock Malt Monkeys

Table 15: American Porter and Stout (9 entries)

1stJonathan LizenbyStout20C: Imperial Stout256 Brewers
2ndAndy HardisonAndy's 2019 Nessie20C: Imperial StoutBluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs
3rdMark GregoryPutin's Bitch20C: Imperial StoutBarley Mob Brewers

Table 16: Belgian Ales (4 entries)

1stKevin Woodcock
Co-Brewer: Josharoux
Casey, Wit Is Deace24A: WitbierChop & Brew
2ndPaul CahillGare Du Nord24C: Biere de Garde Barley Mob Brewers
3rdConnor ChoateBier de Garage 24C: Biere de Garde Barley Mob Brewers

Table 17: Strong Belgians (7 entries)

1stMark GregoryOphelia25A: Belgian Blond AleBarley Mob Brewers
2ndZane OliverJoara25B: Saison
3rdKevin FosterMont la Salle25A: Belgian Blond AleCane Island Alers (CIA)

Table 18: Wild Ales (12 entries)

1stKevin Foster2018 Melon28C: Wild Specialty Beer Cane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndHeath JohnsBs Saison28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
3rdKevin FosterNz Brux28A: Brett Beer Cane Island Alers (CIA)

Table 19: Trappist (10 entries)

1stJonathan OwnbyTetramagic 2.0 26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleM.A.S.H. Marietta Association of Schoolhouse Homebrewers [GA]
2ndAllen DuvallTrappist Singled Out26A: Trappist SingleClarksville Carboys
3rdKevin Woodcock
Co-Brewer: Josharoux
Three Dry Sheets26C: Belgian TripelChop & Brew
HMJoshua Petty
Co-Brewer: Pavel Dunn
Bearded Quad26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleCovert Hops Society

Table 20: Dark Euro lagers + Bock (5 entries)

1stPaul CahillCaramel Me Dunkel8A: Munich DunkelBarley Mob Brewers
2ndChris ArntStress Ball6C: Dunkels BockBarley Mob Brewers
3rdJohn O'BrienLa Morena8A: Munich DunkelFinal Gravity Craft Brewers

Table 21: IPA (not New Englands, and not Hazys) (6 entries)

1stPaul CahillAle For the Colonies21A: American IPABarley Mob Brewers
2ndAndrew WeaverRed Eye Eye IPA 21B4: Red IPA Lift A Leg Homemade Beer
3rdCraig PinkertonTropic Anna21A: American IPA
HMNik VolkertPulpin'21A: American IPAWoodstock Malt Monkeys

Table 22: Amber and Pale Malty Euros (4 entries)

1stKevin FosterMaibock4C: Helles BockCane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndDave RatcliffMilly’s Choice4A: Munich Helles
3rdAndrew PerkinsO'Face Oktoberfest6A: MarzenBarley Mob Brewers

Table 23: Pale, Bitter Euro + NZ Pilsner (8 entries)

1stKevin FosterNz PilsPRX5: New Zealand PilsnerCane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndDave RatcliffSunny Day Pils5D: German Pils
3rdJohn ColemanStiglitz5D: German Pils

Table 24: Bitter, Amber Euros (5 entries)

1stJohn O'BrienAtl!7B: AltbierFinal Gravity Craft Brewers
2ndKevin FosterVienna7A: Vienna LagerCane Island Alers (CIA)
3rdTiago DantasVienna7A: Vienna LagerBrew Crew [CO]

Table 25: Pale Americans (7 entries)

1stJeremy ThompsonFord Pale Ale18B: American Pale AleBarley Mob Brewers
2ndShawn KerrProper Pale18B: American Pale AleBlount County Homebrewers
3rdKevin OlsonTest Apa18B: American Pale AleZZHops Homebrewing Club

Table 26: Hazy, New England IPA (7 entries)

1stJoseph LeeB.B.A.B IPA21B7: New England IPA Barley Mob Brewers
2ndMark GregoryThe Juice Is Loose21B: Specialty IPA Barley Mob Brewers
3rdApril Watson
Co-Brewer: Travis Dunn
I Think We Did It Right, Right??21B7: New England IPA Barley Mob Brewers
HMDave RatcliffSeagram’s NEIPA21B7: New England IPA